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#5 - NOVEMBER 3, 2023
Good evening,

A lot more people have been learning about raylib recently. For those who are new to the newsletter, welcome to raylib weekly, a not-so-weekly newsletter on all things raylib.

Moose Miners

This game looks stunning! And it's made with raylib! Unbelievable. Have you ever dreamt about taking control over a mining corporation run by moose? Now you can!


As mentioned in the last issue, raylib has been in development for 10 years! See it's timeline for yourself!

Vampire Platformer

Check out Sam on YouTube. He's working on a vampire themed platformer with raylib. The demo should be out soon.

Raylib + DALL-E 3?

Here's a neat game being developed with the help of AI, specifically OpenAI's DALL-E 3 artwork, and it's beautiful.


Doom 3 made in raylib?! It's not the full thing, but it sure looks nice!

Automation events system

Record multiple input events and replay them when desired or export them as text file.


Check out this arcade-style space shooter developed by Gargamel YT.


Yet another snake clone? But in raylib!

Game of Life

A implementation of Conway's game of life written in Go with Raylib. Editor, and more.

Functional Geometry

raylib is not just for games. Have a look at some Functional Geometry with Gambit Scheme and raylib.

Be a part of the community

Have you ever wanted a chance to help on a popular open source project? Working on raylib is a perfect opportunity.

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