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#2 - FEBRUARY 2, 2023
Good morning,

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3rd most popular game engine on Github

See what Ray, raylib's creator, has to say about it.

Sidestep Legends

Practise your sidestep skills as you dodge spells coming at you from all directions. Level up and choose from a variety of upgrades and new abilities to increase your chances of survival in this moba inspired rogue-lite.

Ray tracing

Simple ray traced circles with raylib Go.


Tired of raylib's basic 3d raylib camera? Try out this custom configuration.


Thread of resources on building raylib projects.

Raylib 4.2

Gamesfromscratch cover's features of raylib 4.2.

Tutorial: Make a 2D game with Go Pt 2

Second part of a series making an animal crossing style game with raylib and go.

Made with raylib

A simple badge that tells others that your project was made with raylib.

Fractal tree visualizor

Fractal Tree visualization using C++ and the raylib library.

Chaste Tris

Tetris clone made with raylib.

CMake + More

A small Raylib C++ template that uses CMake, LDtk, and Box2d

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Since this is the second issue of raylib weekly feel free to contact me on Twitter @jarreed0 if there are any problems with the email and it's formatting.

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