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#1 - JANUARY 26, 2023
Good morning,

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New GLTF Animation Support

First raylib user-contributed big improvement of the year!

First ever released raylib Android game!

Our fluffy friends went out to enjoy a whole day of fun sliding under the sun, now its time for them to go back to their den.

Can you help them find their way back to their home?

What needs to be done for a newer version of raylib?

Here's a list of some things that need to be done for the next version of raylib. Feel free to help!

Merge Sort algorithm visualizer

Made in C++ and raylib, this a pretty visualized sort algorithm.

World Generator

Created by @simulated on Twitter.


A simple and easy-to-use textures viewer, editor and image board.

TIP: resizing windows

Check out this thread for some useful tips on automatically scaling content to your window.

Cube dodger

A simple 3d game on itch.io where you try to dodge cubes.

Tutorial: Make a 2D game with Go Pt 1

First part of a series making an animal crossing style game with raylib and go.

Raster Master

Raster Master is a Sprite/Icon/Map editor for Windows 10/11 that generates raylib code.

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Since this is the first issue of raylib weekly feel free to contact me on Twitter @jarreed0 if there are any problems with the email and it's formatting.

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